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Euthanasia Services for Pets

Providing compassionate care during a difficult time.

Euthanasia helps you maintain your pet’s dignity as they peacefully transition. Whether your pet has lived with a chronic illness for many years or their quality of life has only recently taken a turn for the worse, our veterinary team can support you through the right decision. We’ll share details about the process and provide any other support you need throughout. 

Is euthanasia right for my pet? 

You know your pet better than anyone. You are most aware of how their health condition affects their daily life. However, our veterinary team can provide sound medical advice about your pet’s health, presenting your potential next steps. When discussing euthanasia with our veterinarians, no question is too simple for us to answer. We’ll help you address all your thoughts and concerns, ensuring you feel supported to decide on behalf of your pet. 

How do I know if my pet has a good quality of life? 

Pets with a good quality of life tend to enjoy activities like spending time with their loved ones, engaging with other pets or people, playing with toys, staying active, and eating their meals. Pets with a poor quality of life tend to experience a change in behaviour or mannerisms over time. These changes affect their lives in significant ways, impacting their day-to-day activities. If health conditions can’t be remedied with treatments, it could be time to consider euthanasia. Below are some of the changes that could show your pet has a poor quality of life:

  • Loss of appetite 
  • Weight loss 
  • Hiding 
  • Wimping/whining
  • Aggression

How are pets euthanized? 

Before a pet is euthanized, we explore every possible option with pet owners. Once you decide to proceed with the procedure, spending as much quality time with your pet in the days leading up to it is important. During the appointment, we administer a sedative to relax your pet. Once they’re unconscious, we administer the euthanasia medication that stops your pet’s heart and brain. If you'd like to discuss the procedure more with our team, please reach out to us at 204-346-1429.

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