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Surgical Services for Pets

We prioritize your pet's comfort and care from surgery to recovery.

We perform a range of surgical procedures while maintaining a high level of safety for your pet. Our highly skilled team has expertise in routine and advanced surgeries, including soft tissue procedures, spaying, and neutering. Each surgery is only performed if we know your pet will have a successful procedure. If you have questions about our surgical protocol, please contact us at 204-346-1429.

What types of surgeries do you perform? 

We perform a variety of procedures, including soft tissue surgeries. Soft tissue surgeries are typically not associated with bone. The most common soft tissue surgery we perform on pets is the removal of masses or lumps. Once removed and tested, most of these masses are found to be benign (non-harmful). However, occasionally, they’re more serious. Early removal and accurate diagnosis of a lump are necessary to improve the outcome in your pet if the mass is cancerous.

How can surgery benefit my pet? 

Surgical procedures have various benefits for your pet. For example, if your dog suffers from frequent ear infections, surgical intervention can reduce them by improving airflow into the ear canal. Surgery can also help resolve several problems related to the eyes. Tearing in your pet’s eyes can mean an infection is present or may be a sign that the cornea (outer layer of the eye) has been damaged. Surgery may allow the cornea to heal faster with less scarring, improving your pet’s ability to see. In some pets, the eyelashes may actually damage the cornea. Surgery improves comfort for these pets, reducing the chances of corneal scarring and enhancing their vision in the long term.

Should I be worried about anesthesia in my pet’s upcoming procedure?

Modern anesthesia is generally quite safe. We perform a physical examination and run blood tests before all procedures requiring general anesthesia to ensure your pet has no hidden health issues. In addition, our skilled veterinary technicians monitor your pet’s vital signs during the procedure, ensuring their safety and catching or treating any potential concerns as quickly as possible.

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